Episode 11: The Mighty Oat

March 21, 2019

For this eleventh episode of the Dead Rabbits Podcast, your fearless leader and arbitrarily-selected host, Brian Birnbaum, teams up with his producer(s), Katie Rainey, to welcome Christopher Gonzalez, a writer of fiction and nonfiction, editor at Barrelhouse Magazine, and digital production associate at Macmillan. After dedicating roughly half the episode to Chris's newly exalted status as an oat milk influencer, we move on to the writing community's love affair with Twitter, sexual realization in today's society, and take a moment to hear Chris read a flash fiction piece that will put you in the mood for seafood & sex & sadness. 

The transcript of this episode is available here for our Deaf & Hard of Hearing Community. 

Episode 10: Total Recall 2

March 14, 2019
In this tenth episode of the Dead Rabbits podcast we bring back the OG Dead Rabbits, Devin Kelly, George Sawaya, and Jared Marcel Pollen, to discuss technological disruption's impact on the future of writing and art. Beginning with House of Cards' origins in big data, your faithful host, Brian Birnbaum, and his gang of perishing bunnies navigate such topics as robot art, big data's potential impact on art, and the creative market's fate in the face of algorithmic advancement -- including the movies such algorithms would personalize for each of us podcasters (#TotalRecall2 #TogetherWeCanDoThis). 
The transcript of this episode is available here for our Deaf & Hard of Hearing Community.

Episode 9: Dear Baby

March 7, 2019

Episode 9 of the Dead Rabbits Podcast features two of our favorite writers and reading series co-hosts: Meher Manda is a poet and journalist from Mumbai with an MFA from The College of New Rochelle; Chelsea Asher is a writer of fiction with an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College, and the Editor-in-Chief of Lumina Journal. Both co-host the Angry Reading Series, which takes place at Grill on the Hill right here in NW Harlem. Together, the three of us talk writing, anger, and more, ending with a round of improvised poems addressed, "Dear baby..."

The transcript of this episode is available here for our Deaf & Hard of Hearing Community. 

Episode 8: Prison Writing Part 2

February 28, 2019
In this eighth episode of the Dead Rabbits Podcast, we invite Caits Meissner, Director of PEN America's Prison Writing Program, and Sergio De La Pava, author of three novels, including his latest, Lost Empress, for the second part of our two-part Prison Writing series. Today we'll discuss everything from the state of justice in America to empathy's crucial role in American justice, as well as what we everyday folks can do to help bridge the divide that keeps so many people trapped in the prison industrial complex.  
The transcript for this episode is available for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community here

Episode 7: Prison Writing Part 1

February 11, 2019

In the seventh episode of the Dead Rabbits Podcast, we welcome Caits Meissner, Director of the PEN America Prison Writing Program, and Devin Kelly, co-founder of the Dead Rabbits Reading Series (OR: Original Rabbit). While sipping on our earthy Kratom teas, we discuss all things prison writing, the ever-exigent topic of criminal justice and prison reform, and take a few minutes to visit wonderful poems from a couple of writers in Mrs. Meissner's cohort.

The transcript for this episode is available for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community here.

Episode 6: Insane Literary Posse

February 2, 2019

In this fourth episode of our Rabbits Hit the Road series, the Dead Rabbits Podcast hosts Ian Anderson, co-founder of Mason Jar Press, a literary imprint headquartered in Baltimore. After discussing Mason Jar's origins, we dive headlong into pro wrestling as the modern iteration of Shakespeare and the hidden genius of the Insane Clown Posse. For our final act, we perform the Olympian mental gymnastics necessary to tie such material back into our literary aspirations.  

The transcript for this episode is available for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community here.

Episode 5: The South Tumpts Brian Over

January 23, 2019

It’s our third installment of "Rabbits Hit the Road" and we’re still down here in Little Rock, Arkansas, talking to local artists about uplifting the arts community. In this episode, Brian hosts three conversations with: Myriah Harrison and Drew Wilkerson; Sam Cooper and Marcus Fisher; and the one and only, Gangie. Through a collage of these conversations, we discuss their experiences living in Arkansas, and how they’ve come to their respective artistic mediums and passions. All the while, Brian faces a neuronal crisis of sorts, brought on by that misnomer down here known as “southern hospitality”.   

The transcript for this episode is available for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community here.

Episode 4: The Natural State

January 12, 2019

With this second installment of Rabbits Hit the Road, we bring our bunny-talents to the house of Sean and Lizzie Casteel, who live in one of Little Rock's sublation of suburbs. Through the hazy lens of Arkansas' own Rocktown Apple Pie Bourbon, the Casteel power couple takes us on a tour of Via, their startup graphic design company, whose early success includes designing the Dead Rabbits Logo and winning a contract with The Arkansas School for the Deaf Foundation. While taking shots every time a secret southern word is spoken, the conversation winds through the sprawling arts and literature scene in The Natural State's largest city, and we discuss plans to bring Dead Rabbits to Little Rock and uplifting the artistic culture therein. Ultimately, the conversation turns to the state of art as it relates to commerce and community within not just Little Rock, but Arkansas and the South as a whole.

The transcript for this episode is available for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community here.

Episode 3: Rummy 500

December 31, 2018

This third episode of the Dead Rabbits Podcast is the first in a series of episodes we're calling Rabbits Hit the Road, during which we'll be touring DC, Little Rock, and Baltimore to talk to various artists and generally interesting people about their work and the cultures in which their work is immersed. Today, we're talking to Brian's parents, David Birnbaum and Joan Raciti, about their experience as deaf people in a hearing world, which we view as an episode not only about deaf culture but also a learning experience for our hearing listeners to learn more about same. Among many things, we discuss the nuances of sign language and culture among differing deaf groups, the challenges of competing in capitalism as a deaf business owner, and what it was like to grow up as a deaf kid in the mid-20th century, long before American legislation began servicing the deaf as legitimately disenfranchised citizens.

The transcript of our podcast is available here for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing community.

Episode 2: I Have to Pee

December 10, 2018

The Dead Rabbits literary machine rolls on, corralling into our rabble of fuckery one Jared Marcel Pollen (in addition to Brian, George & Devin), who is this side of the Mississippi's writerly version of Morrissey. In this second episode of our podcast, we examine the literary industry, including its current state and future prospects, while taking occasional sojourns into the realm of metaphysical kitsch the likes of Egg McMuffins, subdued BDSM, and the limits of the human bladder.

The transcript of our podcast is available here for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing community.